We are based in Milan and Besana in Brianza as "i gioielli Conti”, a shop open since 1989 with a family workshop in MILAN for many generations. We are a team of professional jewelers that work together for more than 30 years.

FLAVIA is the CREATIVE talent, she works with the jewelry and everything that requires taste and style but not only. She plans business strategies and follows the production of "Flavioro", her brand.

PAOLO is the GEMOLOGIST, he selects the best gems on the market and deals with Customer Service.

GABRIELE is the LAPIDARY, he has been for more than 30 years, he makes everything by hand to avoid losing the unique characteristics of the most precious gems.

ROBERTO is the GOLDSMITH, who also has more than thirty years of experience. He started with the ancient technique of dell'Osso Sepia, but later learned new techniques such as the lost wax and his latest the 3D design with its resin prototyping. He uses field experience for suggestions on which technique to use and which is preferable for gaining the best results also depending on the type of jewelry you want to build. The most beautiful jewel always needs the hand of an artist.

Our philosophy is to pay attention to the QUALITY, in particular to the details like only an Italian craftsman can do. With our PASSION we transfer the thrill of creation to our loyal customers.