These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Milandiamonds.com website (from here on also named only as website or seller) by the visiting user (from here on also referred to as a single customer or visitor).Your continued use of this site and the following purchases will constitute your acceptance of such changes or modifications that can take place in any moment without notice.


Browsing the pages of the website is free. MilanDiamonds however, reserves the right to prohibit the navigation to those visitors who jeopardize the integrity of the site by using unsuitable behaviour and/or provide false or incomplete information or otherwise tend to mask the real identity of the pages reserved for registered visitors, as well as to visitors who use proxies aimed at hiding their respective places and connection providers.

Its strictly forbidden copying and even partially reproducing any website content unless authorized. Any violation will be prosecuted according to the law.


The descriptions of the products published on the website, for how accurate and updated as can be, and for the images of each product as accurate and truthful as can be, due to exposure needs , the products can differ slightly compared to the actual product, for example in the color, the shape and the size.

For a better vision of some of the products, the images can be made bigger compared to the original image and therefore is not to be fully considered the proportion of 1: 1.

The articles published on the website are sold by body and not by measure. The weights and measures that are published are to be considered an approximate number.


Excluding what said in the following paragraphs, orders are accepted when the customer becomes aware that MilanDiamonds accepts the offer made by the customer using the tools available on the website.

In the event that the customer has indicated a different place of dispatch of the goods than that of residence, it becomes necessary to verify the identity of the customer as well as the delivery address of the goods ordered at the discretion of the seller, MilanDiamonds reserves the right to require the customer copy of an identity document and/or other documentation proving the credit card (if used for payment), social security number or passport to be sent by fax, email or mail. If after 48 hours of the request and MilanDiamonds not having received the requested documentation, they will proceed to cancel the order and refund any amount paid through the same means as the original payment with the option of deducting charges and payments linked to the processing of the order.

MilanDiamonds reserves the right to refuse and cancel orders even when already paid in all those cases in which there is a risk of chargebacks. In that case, any fees already paid will be transferred to the customer with the same means by which they were sent.

The acceptance of the offer is also subject to notification of the tax code of the customer when required by Italian and European legislation. The communication of a counterfeit or otherwise invalid tax code will result in immediate cancellation of the order and will be deemed never confirmed and will not give rise to any obligation of the parties subject to the right of MilanDiamonds to require payment of any expenses and allowances related to the processing of the order.


The goods in stock at the time of the order are usually sent within three to five working days after confirmation of the order. Articles not immediately available are sent as soon as possible and in any case, within 30 working days after confirmation ot the order.

The availability of certified diamonds is updated periodically as much as possible. Due to the frequent replacement of the stock of diamonds, the actual availability of each diamond for sale on the website can only be confirmed upon customer request sent before the buying process.

If the customer has proceeded to order a diamond that is no longer available,

MilanDiamonds reserves the right to offer the customer one or more diamonds in alternative that have identical or very similar characteristics. If the customer doesn’t like the alternatives, Milandiamonds reserves the right to cancel the order due to the unavailability of good without causing any contractual obligation to any party.


The items for sale on the website MilanDiamonds are covered by legal guarantee for 24 months starting from the delivery of the purchased item.

The guarantee has to be claimed by the consumer within two months from discovery of the defect and it covers any defects of conformity which necessitate a repair or replacement of the goods purchased, without charge, unless the remedy requested is not possible or disproportionate to the defect. If the replacement or repair is not possible the customer is otherwise entitled to a price reduction or to have a sum of the value of the product returned, compared to the return of the defective product to the seller. This guarantee applies only in the case of a sale to a private entity.


MilanDiamonds has free shipping throughout the European Union and in many other non-EU countries including the USA, Japan, Switzerland, Canada and others.

For reasons related to the particular nature of the products treated, MilanDiamonds does not ship to countries and places where in its sole discretion is not guaranteed the minimum security conditions necessary for the transit and delivery of the goods.

Customers in countries where it is not allowed to ship cannot proceed to the completion of orders on the website.

Shipments are made by courier specialists.

The customer will be promptly informed by email of the shippingt of the order processed and will contain the tracking number of the package if it is made available by the courier.

The tracking of the product is not managed by MilanDiamonds and therefore disclaims any responsibility for the actual availability, usability and accuracy of the published data.

The signing of the product shipped and delivered must be made by an adult who will sign for the receipt and acceptance from the courier.

The shipping address is defined by the customer during the online purchase, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the two parties.

In no case will shipping be made to PO boxes, mail boxes and other similar.

The customer must provide a valid phone number when ordering to be used as a reference of the place where it is to be delivered or the person in charge to collect the prodcut. In the absence of such contact or if it proves non-existent and / or unreachable, MilanDiamonds reserves the right not to proceed with the shipment of the ordered goods to the premises and be kept by MilanDiamonds and asking the customer and requiring an immediate integration of the missing data for shipping. During the time the product is in the custody of MilanDiamonds, the can ask the customer for a refund of the costs incurred in relation to the failure to deliver the goods.

The combined shipment of jewelry will be made by express courier.


Milandiamonds offer the following payment methods:

Visa, Mastercard, Postepay > only cards registered with the protocol 3dsecure

American Express

Bank transfer > The goods are only shipped once the transfer has been received

Paypal > Even if one doesnt have a Paypal account


Under the LEGISLATIVE DECREE 21 February 2014, n. 21 The customer is entitled to cancel the contract without giving any reason, and without incurring any costs other than those mentioned in the following paragraphs within fourteen days from receipt of product purchased away from business premises.

The right of withdrawal applies only to private individuals and not to companies or professional users (so-called B2B sales) and is in any case subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions and limitations:

The products being returned must not have been used nor bear signs of wear, abrasions or scratches etc., or even slight enough to affect their resale value as a new product.

The accompanying card, if present at the time of delivery, must not have been altered, damaged or removed from the product.

The return of customized goods requested by the customer by means of engravings, sizes and lengths or through actions of any other nature is not permitted.

For the purposes of the previous point, and unless otherwise agreed in writing between the two parties, it is also included the supply of rings that semi-finished have a unit of measure out of the range that goes from 12 to 17 of the Italian conventional ring measure and bracelets with length not between 17.5 cm and 19.0 cm.

Returns of diamonds in a sealed package (blister) will not be accepted if the blister is opened and/ or tampered with or lost or damages the copy of the original certificates provided with the diamond kit.

If the product being returned has been used, is not perfectly intact or is missing the original certificates attached, Milandiamonds will evaluate each case and measure the percentage of decrease in the value of the product informing the customer of the amount refundable.


To proceed with the return of the goods purchased and subject to withdrawal, the customer must notify us within the above period for withdrawing the purchase. Such communication may also be sent by e-mail addressed to info@milandiamons.com

For convenience you can also download from this link the withdrawal form in accordance with lett. h paragraph 1 of the decree. February 21, 2014, n. 21

MilanDiamonds will then authorize the items to be returned without this constituting implicit acceptance of that which can take place only after examination and compliance of the returned objects.

The product can be returned within 14 days of arrival and sent to the headquarters of MilanDiamonds by courier. We strongly recommend that you insure the shipment against theft, loss or damage to the total amount specified in the sales document.

The shipping and insurance costs are always paid by the customer and any damage occured during transport will be deducted from the total sum to be paid back.

The customer wishing to exercise the right of withdrawal, given the particular nature of the goods, may require that the shipment is carried out by a trusted seller courier. In this case the shipping and insurance costs, amounting to a maximum of one hundred euro, are known in advance to the customer and are retained from the amounts to be repaid.

MilanDiamonds reserves the right not to accept parcels that have visible damage and / or signs of tampering.

MilanDiamonds will pay back the amounts paid by the customer within 14 days of notification of withdrawal through the same medium that was originally used for purchase. Other means of reimbursement, different from that of the original payment may be agreed before.

The reimbursement is always repaid only in Euros. In the case that the original payment was made in another currency, the exchange rate used is that of the day the original payment took place and the chargeback will be isssued using that value. 


All jewelry purchased is sent in a gift box at no extra cost. Packaging may vary in shape and color than those that may be published on the website which are considered purely illustrative.

Certified diamonds are delivered sealed in blister packs with the relative certification only if specifically requested when ordering. Each shipment is packaged in an appropriate manner to ensure maximum transport security.


Some of the features of the stones that make up part of the jewelry for sale on the website, for example carat weight, shape, color and purity, are indicative and may be subject to minor changes such as an increase or decrease compared to the amount given in the respective analytical cards of the products, to an extent as not to cause any significant change to the overall value nor the general appearance of the goods bought and sold.

If those changes were to cause an increase to the value of the jewel, no cash adjustment will be asked.


Conti Flavia

Via Santa Caterina, 12

20842 Besana in Brianza (MB) - Italy

Vat Registration Number: 02610400968 REA 137461

Fiscal Code: CNTFLV63D50A818C

R.E.A. 1318611


The prices of the jewelry for sale are expressed in Euro. However, in order to facilitate the use of the website by customers located in other geographical areas, prices in different currencies can also be displayed. In this case the exchange rate used is updated and accurate as possible and is intended purely for information provided that the sale price is expressed in Euro.

All prices are inclusive of VAT, but it is possible that some users living outside the European Union can also see prices excluding VAT.

Sales with a final destination outside the EU area are carried out without any VAT or other taxes and charges and in this case the customer agrees to have the total and exclusive responsability of any customs duties, value added taxes, duties or charges of any other nature and required in the destination country, including on possible exercise of the right of withdrawal.

For each order an invoice or other document similari s issued serving as a valid proof of purchase for warranty purposes and also to exercise the right of withdrawal. Unless otherwise indicated, shipping costs are always included in the price.

The taxable persons are required to apply for a customer invoice and to communicate their VAT number when ordering through specific notes in the space labeled "order notes" or "messages" visible while completing order.

The prices published on the website for each product are as far as possible to date and correct; However, in the case in which the customer purchases a product and has already received the automatic acknowledgment email sent by the seller, and MilanDiamonds detect materials with errors in the prices and / or descriptions published, the same seller reserves the right to not process the order and to cancel the same order and immediately inform the customer the actual price and the actual goods purchased and asking the customer to pay the missing balance and the original proposal can be considered rejected without involving any obligation for either party.

For example, following on from the previous paragraph, due to an error caused by the frequent update of the numerous items for sale in the website database, if a product was placed for sale with an obvisouly incorrect price and / or otherwise not probable (such as a certified diamond for sale at a price less than € 200.00), any customer's order shall be eliminated and any money paid immediately will be returned to the customer through the same means as the original payment.