A completely colorless diamond is very rare, and is therefore more prized in the international classification.

The color quality is represented with the letters of the alphabet in a sliding scale starting with the letter D to Z.

It is worth talking about the nature of the color in the diamond, on which have been put forward several scientific hypotheses. It is believed that the various colours are given by the presence of iron, titanium, samarium and chrome atoms but it is not excluded that they are of radioactive source. Around 14 different elements were found in some natural colored diamons after being analyzed in the laboratory using spectrographs. Theoretically, the colour is to be considered a serious flaw with a significant disadvantage for the value of the stone, but when the colour is marked and distinctive, it is excluded from the same normal color categories and is inserted in the classification of the so-called diamonds 'fancies', and very sought after and consequently of high value.